What Is Search appears to have been substantially delisted by Google.com

I won’t go into details about the technique I was experimenting with just before the incident occurred, but the odd thing is it appeared to work for Google.co.uk.

Earlier today, the site was ranking 1st in Google.co.uk for “What Is Search” but over on Google.com, it doesn’t even rank in the top 100.

There haven’t been any warnings or notifications via Google Webmaster Tools, so it seems unlikely that it’s a manual penalty.

However, the technique I employed is, I suspect, one often used by black hats looking for quick gains, so it may be that I’ve triggered an algorithmic penalty.

That said, it’s confusing that the penalty only seems to apply to the .com version of the site and not the .co.uk version.
I did notice a brief fall in rankings after I deliberately published some garbage content a little while back, so there’s a chance the recent Panda rollout has hit the site.

Overall though, I’m not too worried – What Is Search isn’t a serious endeavour, it’s just a little SEO playground where I can fire off the odd blog and experiment with techniques I wouldn’t want to use elsewhere.

Here are the steps that I’ll be taking.

1) Do nothing and see if it blows over

2) Post more content to What Is Search

3) Do nothing for a while longer

4) Maybe remove the rubbish content I posted

5) Do nothing again

6) Maybe remove the links I built.

We’ll see what happens…

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