Just a few years ago the question “What is Search” would have been synonymous with the question “what is search engine optimisation?” but now the advent of Web 2.0 means that there are many more facets to it.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation or SEO falls into two main categories the first is on-site SEO and the second off-site SEO. Both are vitally important for search engine visibility and any series website cannot afford to skimp on either. On-site SEO involves ensuring webpages feature the keywords you are looking to target and that search engines are able to properly read the site. Off-site search engine optimisation entails obtaining links from high-profile sites in order to improve authority.

What is social search?

Social search is a different kettle of fish to traditional search engine optimisation, although the two do have certain factors in common. However, social search is a more fluid process and requires a website owner to be more proactive. Social search means people have to engage in the online conversation to ensure they do not get lost in the crowd.

What is Search brings SEO and social search together

On the surface SEO and social search seem totally different, but in reality they can complement each other remarkably well. For example, external links are vital to search engine optimisation and well-written content circulated through social networks can provide this. If people like the content on your site they’ll not only read it but link to it on their sites, providing a vital boost.

When you ask yourself what is search, you have to realise that it is not a question that can be answered easily and for this reason, you need expert advice.